This site is dedicated to Sir Walter Tapper, and the fabulous architecture that he left us.


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Although not his only work, Tapper's churches are certainly what he is most famous for. By the time that he set up his own practice, he had been working for the office of G.F. Bodley and Thomas Garner for many years, and his experience in church buildings and their furnishings was great.

Tapper left Bodley in 1901. It is from this period that we see Tapper's own churches emerge. His main churches are listed below, with their approximate build dates.

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Year(s) Church
Church of the Ascension, Malvern Link from the SE. 1903 Church of the Ascension, Malvern Link
St Mary, Harrogate from the SE. 1904 St Mary, Harrogate
St Erkenwald, Southend-on-Sea from the SE. 1905-10 St Erkenwald, Southend-on-Sea
Mirfield Community of the Resurrection from the SE. 1908 Community of the Resurrection, Mirfield
St Oswald, Lythe from the SE. 1910-11 St Oswald, Lythe
St Stephen, Grimsby from the SE. 1911-14 St Stephen, Grimsby
Church of the Annunciation, Marble Arch from the SE. 1912 Church of the Annunciation, Marble Arch
Guilford Grammar School Chapel from the SW. 1912-14 Guildford Grammar School Chapel, Guildford, Australia
St Michael, Little Coates from the SE. 1915 St Michael, Little Coates
1919 St Mark, Whiteley Village, Surrey
1927 Our Lady & St Thomas, Gorton
Architect's impression of St Oswald's from the NE 1934 St Oswald, Deepdale Estate, Preston

There are, of course, many different sources of build date - as research progresses, the dates shown above may change.

Sir Walter Tapper ~ Sir Walter J. Tapper ~ Gothic Revivalist Architect ~ St Erkenwald, Southend-on-Sea ~ Church of the Annunciation, Bryanston Street ~ Church of the Ascension, Malvern Link ~ Guildford Grammar School Chapel