This site is dedicated to Sir Walter Tapper, and the fabulous architecture that he left us.


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St Erkenwald's Images - Internal

I never actually got inside St Erkenwald's 'properly'. So any internal images have always been supplied by other people. The vast majority of images in this section have been supplied to me by St John's Church, Southend-on-Sea. Where another person/body has supplied an image, I have credited it individually, where possible.

In case anyone is wondering what 'properly' means in the last paragraph, it means in the 'with permission, during daylight hours sense'. I did once get in there, very late at night. I was returning from a night club, with my mate Dave Harris, and as we walked up Southchurch Avenue, I noticed that the Lady Chapel door was open. This was about 2am in the morning. We took a look inside, walking into the nave, and looking up and down it, then scarpering. It was so dark in there, and seeing as the locality was somewhat seedy, we were a little apprehensive as to what (or more likely who) we might find in there.

The Nave

Interior of St Erkenwald's (Recent English Ecclesiastical Architecture by Nicholson, Sir C, and Spooner, C)   The nave in the years before redundancy.   View of crowded nave from the West Gallery   The nave from ground level   The nave from the east   Looking west

The Chancel

The chancel

The Lady Chapel

The lady chapel   The lady chapel   The lady chapel

Architectural Features

The E window


The font

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