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Description of Saint Erkenwald's Church, Southend, Essex (continued)


The barrel vaulted ceiling will be enriched with ornamental wreaths, containing devices decoratively treated in gold and colour. Externally, the church will be austere, relieved by certain features, such as the tower, the western turrets and the flêche, the latter marking the intersection of Nave and Chancel.

It will be seen that a simplicity as regards design has been studied, dependance for effect being placed more upon general proportion than upon much architectural detail.

Precedents for churches designed upon such lines may be easily enumerated, but reference to the Abbey Church of the diocese may be sufficient. Here is found a noble and impressive example of a brick building, plastered internally (and originally externally also), with little or no architectural detail.

If, in the building of our churches, where, generally speaking, economy is of the first importance, examples such as the above were followed, it might reasonably be hoped that they too might be noble and impressive, though in lesser degree.

They would, moreover, be built in accordance with the conditions of the present day, in which is found every facility for building, but little genius for the more sumptuous work. At the same time such buildings afford every opportunity for internal ornamentation by means of decorative painting, etc. Much interest depends on the fitting up of buildings designed on these lines, and a list of such is appended with their approximate cost.

Item£ s. d.
Triptych300 0 0
Organ and Case800 0 0
Font and Cover150 0 0
Altar20 0 0
Frontals50 0 0
Dossals50 0 0
Chancel Screen300 0 0
Chapel Screen150 0 0
Choir Stalls200 0 0
East Window300 0 0
Decorative Painting200 0 0
Communicants Kneelers   20 0 0
Communion Plate30 0 0
Pulpit100 0 0
Processional Cross20 0 0

N.B. - The above estimates are but suggestive. It is to be understood that in every instance the design will be governed by the amount expended.

The approximate cost of the fabric, including tower, will be £15,000, and the portion to be undertaken first, £5,000, seating 450 worshippers.

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